facebook ads mistakes
facebook ads mistakes

Facebook ads are the most effective and powerful advertising tool. Facebook knows a lot about its users and business that are being promoted through it. A successful ad campaign means a lot when sales of your business is at stake and if not done properly can bring in negative effect on your business.

There are plenty of practices that can be helpful while using Facebook ads but still there are many mistakes which take place and hamper advertising results. A highly performing ad is placed higher and costs less to the ad owner.

Following are the deadly mistakes that should be avoided while creating Facebook ads:

  • Having inappropriate goals/ no goal at all
    The first and foremost thing while creating Facebook ads is to have specific objective. Having an inappropriate goal can distract you towards various things coming your way and can create negative impact on your advertising campaign but with fixed goal you can move in a fixed direction that leads your advertising campaign to new heights of success.


  • Boasting about features rather than benefits
    While buying people usually look for the benefits they would be getting from the product or services in which they are spending their money. Feature of the product or services offered also plays an important role in buying process. Boasting about features of the services offered one should highlight its benefits can hamper the sales or click rate.
  • No CTA
    Having a strong Call To Action can bring in huge difference to your success. If you want people to click on your ad, like your page or take other actions than CTA is the way to make them do so. CTA on your ad enable your visitors and customers to take action without getting lost in search for taking your services.


  • Bad headline and improper image – text formatting
    Headline of an ad is the most important part of an ad as it’s the one which captures the attention of customers and bring them to your ad. Nothing is worse than a bad headline for an ad. Until your brand is a well-recognized name, using it as a headline for your Facebook ads won’t be a wise decision. Use text and images which is related to your ad and justify the service or product you are offering to your customers.
  • Having a creepy and shabby landing page
    Visitors click your ad in order to get something valuable from your end. If you have landing page not up to the mark or have something else than what is depicted in ad, can affect your conversion rates.

Try to avoid above mentioned mistakes to earn high benefits from your Facebook ad campaign and make worth of every effort made for the campaign.

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