Facebook ads types
Facebook ads types

If you are a part of Facebook community, then you would be aware of the effects and benefits of Facebook ads on your business. Facebook ads are the paid messages which deliver information about the product or services offered by the company/ firm / business holding the ad space.

Since Facebook have huge audience base and provides different sort of ads which makes it one of the strongly preferred advertising network by business owners to promote their brand and products. Different types of Facebook ads are described below:

  • External link ads:
    These type of ads are preferentially used for promoting blog posts. These ads are published in middle of the newsfeed and is a great way of capturing user attention. These types of ads generate plenty of likes for blog posts or websites by driving clicks on ad.
  • Video ads:
    These types of ads are posted on right side of the newsfeed and is supported by both mobile and desktop. Such type of ads consist of video, text related to the video or the product offered and a link that lands on the main site of the advertiser. These ads are helpful in targeting specific audience within a limited budget.
  • Multi-Product Ads:
    These ads are helpful for the business owners who offer more than one service or product and want to promote them all at same time. In these type of ad one can promote up to 3 product with same link for 3 products.
  • Photo ads:
    One of the effective way for engaging your customers is to attract them through visual content and photo ads is one such way. These type of ads are placed in right column in Facebook and includes text and links associated with the Photo.
  • Hyper local ads:
    These type of ads make use Bluetooth beacon and location trackers to search for the business and people that can be customers. These ads are helpful for the people having physical stores and want foot traffic at their stores.
  • Event promoting Ads:
    Promoting an event is no longer a daunting task on Facebook, Event promoting ads enable business owners to promote their events in hassle free manner by just posting information about the event and pictures related to that event. It helps in attracting users who are interested in events like one you are organizing.
  • Offer ads:
    If you are running any offer or promotion coupons then it can be useful to attract your customers to take your services. People can redeem the coupon code or offer code by just clicking the ad which redirect them to your site. Such ads are highly useful and effective when you are having last minute sale and need to push inventory.

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