Facebook ads do , don't
Facebook ads do , don't

Branding on Facebook is not a secret tactic anymore. Almost every business is using Facebook to reach wider audience and bring in conversions. Facebook is not a place of sharing things and getting connected with others but it also acts as advertising platform that allows you to target ads.

An out of sort planned campaign can prove to be costly to your brand’s reputation. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the stream of Facebook ads, try n practice following Do’s and Don’ts to achieve desired success from the Facebook ads campaign of your brands. Here are certain Do’s and Don’ts associated with Facebook ads.


  • Be genuine:
    When it comes to marketing on Facebook, it is always recommended that you stay genuine. Ad posted on Facebook should always redirect the visitors to your genuine page or profile.
  • Research your Target audience:
    Targeting weighs more when it comes to Facebook ads. Even before you get started with your ad campaign research about who your target customers are and how will they provide benefits to you.
  • Have clear CTA:
    Having a clear and concise Call to Action helps in motivating user to take action and implement techniques like buying, increasing sales or bringing new leads in.
  • Monitor your campaigns:
    One of the efficient way of determining success and failure of your ad campaign. Facebook ad manager and its tool will help you in monitoring your Ad campaign.
  • Have relevant ad text and image:
    Use text and images that justify your motive of advertising on Facebook and is clear to your audience so that they can take action by viewing your ad.


X Confuse your audience with complex content:
A creative concept works out for other advertising methods but in case of facebook advertising try to avoid complex content, so that user takes immediate action, instead of thinking and understanding your CTA, content and text.
X Neglect mobile users:
Today most of the traffic comes from mobile in such situation excluding mobile users by not publishing ads for mobile visitors can lessen the visitors coming to your ads.
X Use image which is more than 20% of text:
Try to keep ad image less than 20% of the text space in order to attract viewers. Use the relevant images that goes with your brand and text of the ad.
X Just make it and forget it:
Don’t ever set your Facebook ads on Autopilot modes and forget it. For driving desired results and conversions.
X Be tricky with your audience:
Don’t play tricky with your audience by writing complex content for your ad. Use content that is easy to understand and best defines your brand and offers.

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