Invite happiness to bubble up


There are so many ways to invite happiness to bubble up from inside you. Some days it may feel like happiness has leaked out and it’s been replaced by the hot lava of rage, or the icy fog of sadness… and it seems impossible to let something bubble up that isn’t even there.

Good news… it IS there.

You’ve just been paying attention to the wrong things, by worrying.

Our brains are hard-wired to pay attention to what’s wrong. As a survival mechanism, that’s great – but very often, we get sucked into these infinite loops of worry that are not beneficial.

Thinking once about something that could happen is great: identify the potential problem, and deal with it. The trouble starts when we think about the problem over and over and over again.

Worrying is useless. It doesn’t solve the problem; it doesn’t really even give you a chance to solve it; and it makes you very unhappy.

Here are a few tips to help you snap out of any worry loop you might be stuck in, so you can start paying more attention to what makes you happy, and let that happiness bubble up to the surface.

1. Get up early and make the most of this quiet, peaceful time to express gratitude, meditate, and set the tone for the day. And, it helps prevent the mad morning rush that contributes to high levels of stress.

2. Smile! Put a smile on your face first thing in the morning. Isn’t it great – another day, another opportunity…

3. Every day, expose yourself to something inspirational. NOT the mass media, which thrives on drama and disaster – but inspirational quotes, poems, short stories or videos.

4. Look for things to be grateful for, especially in a difficult situation.

5. Take a break! You will never, ever… ever “get it all done.” It’s impossible. So don’t make yourself into a frazzled mess by trying! Prioritize what you need to get done, and make sure you take a break and have some “me time.”

6. Be grateful. Not just for the things that are good, but for the things that teach you, push you, and force you to grow.

7. Meditate to clear your head, and to get used to observing your thoughts without reacting to them or acting on them. They’re just thoughts… they are not the law, and they are not things. They are not even forces that cause you to do or not do something – unless you choose to see them that way!

8. Be creative. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, just doodle while you’re thinking about some positive outcome. Doodling stimulates creative problem-solving!

9. Do something you love every day, just to keep things in perspective. Life isn’t all about responsibilities and struggle!

10. When you’re worrying, give equal time to what can potentially go right. This is vital! If you ruminate on problems and potential problems, give your brain some positive direction too, and ruminate on what can go perfectly… or unexpectedly well.

Just giving equal mental energy to what could go right as you do to what can go wrong, will help put things in perspective and give you a more positive outlook… so your innate happiness has a chance to be felt!

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Jamal Aldein is an entrepreneur and a personal development coach, has been in personal development field since 2011 , and started online business journey in 2013.. I am a full time Networker, Internet Marketer and Blogger now. I love to Network, Market and Write. I am on a mission to share whatever I know specially about Internet Marketing. I'm so passionate person and love to help others as well. What I learned during my journey that always be willing to fail, invest in you and your business. Last but not the least never ever, ever Give Up!


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