Save money facebook advertising
Save money on facebook advertising

No doubt, Facebook is a great platform for advertising and promoting any brand, business, product, services or event. A slight unrelated content, images, headline, Text copy in your advertising campaign can become the reason of loss of money. But if all the right steps taken you can reach the height of success.

Are you paying too much for your Facebook ad campaign? If yes, then play wisely by using below given tips and arm your money without compromising with the ad quality. Here are the tips that can help you in saving money that are spent on Facebook Advertising:

  • Facebook Ad targeting:
    Facebook targeting allows you to target people with specific interest or the one’s which fits a certain demographics. Once you are done with targeting, save these target groups for future use. Facebook targeting helps you to search look alike audience and you can even do this by searching profiles of people already in your email list.
  • Don’t run for wrong targets:
    Wrong targets can create problems for your Facebook ad campaign and can also affect results of the campaign. Target only those audience which fits precisely in your campaign.
  • Know what you are paying for:
    For getting ad space for publishing your ad on Facebook you have to go through a small bidding process. Following are the 2 different bidding process:
  1. CPC/ PPC (Pay Per Click): in this you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. This process is best for the people who are at the beginner’s level of using Facebook ads.
  2. CMC/ PPM (Cost Per impressions): In this you have to pay once you receive 1000 views. Here you pay little for more views but you don’t receive clicks in this. These type of Ads are useful when you want create brand awareness.
  • Don’t advertise if they’ve already bought:
    Nobody likes to receive same ad, if they had already bought it. If you are advertising on which action can be taken just once, then there is no intelligence in showing the same ad again and again to the people who have already taken your desired action on that ad.
    Facebook charges for showing your ad and would keep on showing advert to the people who have already purchased it but it can be avoided by updating your list of buyers and target audience.
  • Split test everything:
    One of the best thing about Facebook advertising is that you can test everything here and choose best one for your campaign. You can do split test for audiences, Location, Ad Headline, Ad Picture, Ad Copy / Call To Action, Desktop versus Mobile, News Feed versus Right Hand Column and choose best option from the result of test.

Maximizing ROI by A/B split testing your Facebook ads:

Having a successful Facebook advert campaign can become the toughest task, if it is done without testing each and every element that’s going to be posted and can affect your success. Facebook advertising is one of the advertising type that enables advertisers to do split testing to have best options for the advertising campaign.

What is A/B split testing?

Also known as split test or bucket testing. It helps in selecting the best elements for your campaign by comparing two versions, A and B, of same thing and are tested against each other. A/ B split testing is done to identify variable changes that can bring in improvements in results that can drive ROI of the campaign to a higher level.

Why Split Test Facebook Posts and Ads?

Split testing can be considered as the tool for shaping your marketing tactics that can give desired results for the campaign. In case of Facebook advert campaign, it can be Facebook post or ad, landing page design, etc. Once both the version are published, track performance of each of the versions and opt for the one which generate best results which are according to your objectives for the campaign.

How to A/B test Facebook Ads for getting maximum ROI?

Here are the major target areas of Facebook ads where even a slight change can create a big difference in ROI.

  • A/ B testing for images:
    Images are inevitable part of Facebook ads as they catch user attention as soon the ad is seen on users news feed. Select the images that best defines your product or services that you want to deliver to users. Create two Facebook ads with same ad text and headline and have different images for both the ads. Publish them and track the results of both the adverts and keep the one which generate desired results.
  • A/ B testing for title:
    If you have the best image but still not getting expected result, then try experimenting with the tile of ad as it’s the second most important thing after the ad image. Your title text should be catchy, for this you can make use of value proposition title. You can also use logo of your company in place of title.
  • A/ B testing for Ad body copy:
    Ad body copy is the way of telling ‘why’ one should click on your ad. Ad body copy helps you in telling features and in promoting features of your product/ services / business in limited word count. Make the copy which is crafted perfectly to match up the need of an ad.

Once you are done with the A/B split testing analysis the ROI and CTR received from both A and B option for your Facebook ad. Continue with the one which is driving best results for your Facebook advert campaign.

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