Facebook advertising campaign
Facebook advertising campaign

“Three million businesses actively advertising on Facebook from all over the world, with more than 70% from outside of the US.”

Facebook has become most preferred option for advertising and promoting businesses, products and events. Facebook advertising platform acts as a vehicle for driving customers to your official website and for brick & mortar stores, brings in high foot traffic at their stores.

Lack of proper planning and inappropriate steps can have adverse effect on your advertising campaign. To earn high success rate, follow the below given steps that drives desired results for your advertising campaign.

Step 1 Selecting the appropriate type of Facebook ad for campaign:

There are many types of Facebook ads according to their size and purpose of use. It’s important that you select the ad that best caters your need and highlight your brand nicely.
Decide which type of ads you want to use that can help you earn benefits and at the same time fulfill your objective of running the campaign. Choose the ad type which is best suited for promoting your business, product, event or offers. When advertising on Facebook began there were only right hand rail for advertising businesses. But now ads are also placed in between of timeline that brings more clicks for the advertisement.

Step 2 Targeting and bidding on Facebook

  • Targeting:

Facebook enables its advertisers to choose their targeted audience who can view their ad. Targeting can be done according to geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace and keywords. Targeting helps in getting your ads reach to appropriate audience so that desired results are achieved from the campaign. Facebook helps in targeting customers whom you are already dealing with, through their user profiles on Facebook and also look for the customers with same likings to bring in more target audience for your business.

  • Bidding:

Purchasing ad from Facebook is just like bidding for getting ad space for your ads to be placed on Facebook. Your chance of getting ad space can be snatched by someone else if he has put extra in competitive bid. While bidding it is beneficial to determine how much you should bid for getting the ad space and once you are done with this, optimize the bid you have made.

Step 3 Measuring the campaign:

Facebook and other third party ad buying software providers, provide detailed analysis report on performance of the campaign through various metrics and tools. Make sure that you analyze that report and move forward accordingly to grab more profits through the campaign.

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