TOP-5 world-famous companies and personalities share opinions on cryptocurrencies


Famous people talk about “digital gold”

The popularity of the “digital gold” is growing day by day. The number of people, who have already get familiar with the notion of “bitcoin” has grown stronger. There are a lot of contradictory opinions on the matter; for some people, cryptocurrency including bitcoin is too much ambiguous, for the others – a future universal panacea. Here, we would like to share with you the opinions of those, who have succeeded in business.






Companies using bitcoin

This giant corporation is self-explanatory and does not need to be introduced much. Above all, as early as in 2014, it started to use bitcoins, enabling its clients to deposit bitcoin to their Microsoft Store.

A large company, performing in the computing technologies area, is extremely enthusiastic about bitcoin. On the official website page, a user can purchase anything for bitcoins.

Tesla Motors
As far as on the 4th December 2013, a premium class Tesla Model S Performance was sold for the first time for bitcoins. Currently, it is still possible to buy electric cars for bitcoins.

Skycraft Airplanes
In 2013, the American aviation company was first to announce that it was going to sell its airplanes for bitcoins; three days later, it sold its first airplane.

Virgin Galactic
Bitcoin is going to the moon and back. Virgin Galactic is a Richard Branson’s company organizing the individual space tours; it also accepts payments in bitcoins. A couple of interested individuals have already paid for their space travel in bitcoins.


Reflecting on the above, a lot of successful and well-recognized people have already appreciated much the bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Join those, who have once started working with the technology of the future, and make sure to follow our updates on the JamalAldein Website, ‘News’ page, and through the official channels: , Facebook, Twitter.

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